Dr. Wendy Forman, Psychotherapist &
Dr. David Greenwald, Licensed Clinical Psychologist — Center City Philadelphia

We are mental health professionals with over 30 years of experience helping people to reach their goals. We listen, consult, advise and laugh with clients, and we are committed to remaining accessible and down-to-earth in our relationships with individuals and organizations.

Everyone faces challenges at some point in life. Young and old, successful and struggling, there comes a time when we need help to overcome the obstacles keeping us from where we want to be.

Our decades of experience in psychotherapy and clinical psychology—and as a happily married couple—have given us unique expertise in human relationships. We want to share our knowledge, and our skill at finding solutions to difficult problems, with you. So whether you�re seeking help in dealing with personal issues or are looking to improve your company or organization by gaining new insight into how people interact, we can help.

More than anything else, we enjoy helping people. It�s why we do what we do. Please don�t hesitate to contact us with questions, or to inquire about our services.

Questions? Want to set up a consultation? Please contact us:
2101 Pine Street
Phone: (215) 340-1554
Email: info@speak2docs.com

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